Friday, March 23, 2012

Stuffed Customers Fill 20th Taste Of MetroSouth

BROCKTON--"We got a 3-for," shouted Kevin Hahl to Black Irish Grille chef Shaun Shubert, who busily worked to slice and dice rolls of veggie sushi, beef carpaccio and Irish curry apple stuffed mushrooms when customers asked for all three of their offerings at Black Irish Grille's table for the 20th annual MetroSouth Chamber of Commerce's "Taste of MetroSouth."
Hahl, Shubert, (pictured, top) Kaitlyn Rice and Eric "Bubba" Pittard opened the Black Irish Grille in Bridgewater's Broad Street Pub in January.
Most customers tried all 3 appetizers--going for the 3-for.
"Why have one when you can have three," joked Easton's Carrie Sheehan as she popped the crab-filled veggie sushi into her mouth.
"Delicious," she exclaimed.
Wednesday night Black Irish Grille crew entertained the throngs who stopped by their table and enjoyed the more than 60 other restaurants who served culinary delights ranging from bread-bowl clam chowder, to Alfredo pasta dishes, peppery steak sliders to spicy rice and beans and mini-burritos.
"I love it," said Amanda Wilbur, a 26-year-old Brockton resident who attended the Taste for the first time with her 87-year-old grandmother Phyllis Martin.
The pair (pictured, right) were finishing a square of chocolate lava cake served up by Good Samaritan Medical Center's Sodexo food service.
Wilbur said her favorite dish was the clam chowder offered by 3 different vendors.
"They were all good," Wilbur said. "I'm stuffed," she added.
Her grandmother, Phyllis Martin smiled and declared the lamb and salad served by National Restaurant Hall of Fame's Christo's, in her opinion, won best in show.
"Christo's is my favorite restaurant," Martin said.

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